Why Native?

The native grasses, flowers and shrubs that NNN supplies have adapted to the climate of the region. They are, by evolution, tolerant of extreme heat, bitter cold and fierce winds of the Midwest. They need no extra protection from the drought in summer or the harsh elements in winter, thereby reducing labor. An area of lawn that has been converted to a native planting does not require routine fertilizers, watering and mowing.

Here are some interesting facts:

*There are 20 million acres of lawn in the US-covering more land than any other single crop. Closely mowed lawns possess no wildlife value.

*The cost of maintaining an area of native plants can be 18-50% less than typical turf. Hour for hour, the average gas-powered lawn mower produces 11 times as much air pollutants as a new car. Reducing air pollution, use of fossil fuels and eliminating noise pollution is a healthy alternative to conventional landscaping.

*Typically, in America, 40-60% of household water is used on lawns and gardens.

*With the growing need in the world for fresh drinking water, we must learn to conserve this precious natural resource. Native plants require no additional watering, thereby reducing the use of fresh water.

*70 million pounds of pesticides are applied to lawns each year. Some of this can be harmful to you, your children and your pets. The run-off from this ends up in local waterways, endangering the wildlife there and costing you to process water for drinking.

Going Native just makes sense!