Monarchs and Butterflies

Our Monarch butterflies are large, colorful and familiar. They are our only butterfly that makes a north-south migration, touted by the IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, as a threatened natural phenomenon. We can help protect their entire life cycles by installing organic, native plants and creating habitats suitable for their survival. Our Monarchs over winter in Mexico and begin their journey north in spring, through Texas, Kansas, Illinois and Indiana. They reach Ohio in late June, seeking nectar and milkweed to lay their eggs on. There are many different species of milkweed native to Ohio, and all are beautiful and most are suitable for home gardens. Monarchs lay their eggs ONLY on milkweed, where the egg hatches and a tiny caterpillar emerges and begins feeding on the milkweed. The caterpillar will grow and molt 5 times before forming a chrysalis where it will rest for 10-14 days before emerging as a beautiful black, white and orange butterfly. This butterfly will feed on nectar its entire adult life and hopefully reproduce to ensure the survival of this beautiful and recognizable butterfly. Providing ORGANIC native plant nectar for our native Monarchs will help them continue their journeys. In fall, the Monarchs will return to Mexico; sometimes a 3,000 mile journey! They will need much pure, healthy nectar to make this journey and you can provide this for them in your home garden.

Other species of butterflies need food as well. Adults will sip nectar for energy while caterpillars will feed on specific host plants. Providing our butterflies with adequate food resources will bring enjoyment as well as improved pollination and a beneficial food web. Creating gardens with native plants with lots of color and nectar will bring many winged beauties to your yard. Let us help you design with butterflies in mind!

Blazing stars
Cardinal flower
Compass plant
Cup plant
False aster
Joe-Pye weed
Mountain mint
New Jersey tea
Obedient plant
Prairie dock
Rattlesnake Master
Purple coneflower
Purple prairie clover
Wild bergamot
Wild columbine
Yellow coneflower

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