About Us

Plants are only truly native when they are interacting with their surroundings.

Naturally Native Nursery is a full-scale garden and restoration nursery. We serve the upper Midwest with service and products found in few other places. Our primary reason for existence is to provide healthy native plants to homeowners, municipalities, schools, farmers and conservation organizations. Our growing practices offer high quality plants that have been raised from seed, using no chemical stimulators or inhibitors and no harmful chemical insecticides or fertilizers.

Many garden centers and nurseries grow plants that have been treated with deadly insecticides to give the customer a visually “perfect” plant that has the ability to kill any pollinator that comes within reach. Toxic chemicals have been injected into the seed or applied after germination to kill any insect that lands or feeds on the flower or foliage of that plant. They do this to provide the public with uniform, identical and “perfect” leaves and blooms. While attractive and toted as “butterfly-friendly”, these chemical-laden plants actually poison our bees, butterflies and birds.

At the nursery we hand weed, using no chemical herbicides; we feed our plants organic fertilizers in the fall and use a variety of living spiders and insects for pest insect control. Using organic growing medium, we routinely ‘step up’ the potted plants to larger containers to increase space for healthy root systems. Several sizes of potted plants are always available. Custom growing plants from your seed or ours is easily accomplished in the greenhouses.

The expert staff is capable of guiding you through and entire yard re-design, a small garden installation or restoring an area of your property. We have experience in natural area restoration, hardscaping, creating wildlife gardens and managing storm water. We can design, prepare, install and maintain any size garden or yard.

The growth we have seen in the past 12 years for the number of people looking for native plants is amazing. More people are learning about native plants and all of the important roles they play in our daily lives. Some are interested in attracting more birds and butterflies to their yard; others need native plants for better water absorption. Still others are looking to reduce erosion or simply fill in difficult areas in their yards with colorful flowers, trees or shrubs. A small but growing percentage of our customers are looking to grow native plants for food, medicine or other function. Naturally Native Nursery can help with these ideas and many more.

We, at Naturally Native Nursery, do this because we care. We are concerned about clean air, healthy waters, vibrant wildlife and the preservation of species, both plant and animal. What we do to the earth we are doing to ourselves. We are bound in the web of life.