The numbers of our individual bird species that are threatened have increased in the past years. Worldwide, 200 species of birds are in real danger of being lost forever (Dr. Leon Bennun, BirdsLife Director, 2013). Habitat loss, agricultural changes, invasive species and climate change are the biggest threats. We can help our feathered friends by creating bird-friendly habitats. In our yards, we can plant trees, shrubs and flowers for nesting, food and shelter. Using no harmful chemicals and leaving fall clean-up until spring will allow for more insects and invertebrates to thrive, providing birds with food for their young in spring. Providing bird baths or a water source, seed, fruit and nut sources will ensure the birds stick around for your enjoyment. House cats should be kept indoors!

Migrating and over wintering birds need much fruit and seed in the fall; hummingbirds need insects in spring and nectar in summer and fall. Be sure to plant a wide variety of fruit-bearing shrubs, nectar-rich flowering plants and seed-producers for our birds.

Blue lobelia
Cardinal flower
Cup plant
New Jersey tea
Obedient plant
Purple coneflower
Royal catchfly
Wild bergamot
Wild Columbine

Big bluestem
Blazing stars
Canada wild rye
Compass plant
Cup plant
Indian grass
Prairie dock
Prairie dropseed
Purple coneflower
Purple prairie clover
Side-oats grama
Switch grass
Virginia wild rye
Yellow coneflower

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